Build a team built for growth: 15 ways to develop and expand your team

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Your people are the most powerful tool you have in your business arsenal – do you invest in them? 

Every business faces the on-going challenge of hiring the right people. That process alone can be time-consuming and expensive and that’s only the beginning! Then comes training your people and helping them grow and develop as professionals which, again, takes a lot of time and investment.  

If you make the right investments, however, and you build a team that is built for growth, they can help your business reach new heights. Through taking initiative, innovation, and dedication, they can directly help to build your business’s bottom line so that the whole company can thrive.

Here are 15 ways to build (and develop) a team built for growth.

1. Create an effective onboarding process

First, you need to find the right people who fit your existing team and company culture and you need an effective onboarding process to get them started on the right foot.

2. Provide on-going training and resources

Always give your team the resources they need to do their job and consider what training they will need. Whether it’s in-house or external training, the aim is to always be developing skills and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

3. Establish a mentoring programme

The best way to learn is on the job so consider a buddy-up system where new hires learn the ropes from experienced employees.

4. Schedule regular 1-2-1s

Check-in regularly with employees, especially new hires, to check how things are going, to review their performance, and check if they need anything from you to work better.

5. Provide immediate feedback

Whether positive or negative, always try to give feedback immediately after a task or project is completed. That way, whether you’re encouraging good work or correcting problems, the employee knows what is expected of them next time.

6. Encourage personal development

You should always encourage self-study so that the team can learn new skills necessary to master their job.

7. Recognise and reward accomplishments

When team members perform well or exhibit behaviours you want to replicate, make sure to reward them in recognition of their efforts.

8. Identify talent gaps

What skills is your team missing which are necessary for growth? Maybe there is already a team member interested in learning this skill but if not, this is an opportunity to hire new talent. 

9. Consider cross-training

What are the key roles in your team? Consider providing cross-training opportunities for other team members, especially in the most valuable areas, because if a key team member is sick or leaves unexpectedly, you’re going to need someone to step in. Building a well-rounded team is the key to success! 

10. Assign special projects

Your team will only develop if you challenge them, so consider assigning special projects to each individual. What skills could they strengthen? What new knowledge would be beneficial for them to learn?

11. Get them involved in external events

Whether conferences or networking events, encourage your team to attend certain professional affairs. Here they may learn new skills, come up with new ideas, and build their network. 

12. Identify tomorrow’s leaders

Succession planning is essential in business, whether preparing for unexpected events or your eventual exit. Start looking at the potential leaders in your team now and focus on helping these people develop.

13. Always highlight the shared vision

Your team should know your company and its goals and they should be excited and committed to achieving them. Creating a shared vision nurtures an “all hands on deck” approach where each individual wants to contribute.

14. Nurture a culture of “psychological safety”

If your team feels comfortable taking risks and being vulnerable with each other, the more empowered and productive they will be. This is the key to building a team that takes initiative and helps the business find new and better ways of doing things.

15. Prioritise communication and collaboration

Successful teams have structure and clarity, so always give your team members clear roles, responsibilities, and goals.

Building a well-rounded team is the key to success!

Building a team built for growth isn’t just about providing enough training. It starts with choosing the right hires in the first place – ones that are a perfect fit with your culture and existing team – and then investing in their ongoing development. If you prioritise professional development, this helps you to create a positive company culture, one that promotes loyalty, growth, and long-term success.

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